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Brian Wilson is a nationally-known radio and television host, author, speaker and consultant. With more than 50 years experience in all media, he most recently served as Program Director/News Director at Clear Channel's WSPD and as the station's PM Drive talk host.

Prior to moving into management, Brian hosted successful radio programs on Heritage stations in several of the nation's largest cities, including New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, Baltimore and Washington, DC. As AM Drive host at the "Big Apple's" WABC, he assisted the station with its transition from Music to Talk. And as "Zoo Keeper" of the highly successful Z-Morning Zoo at Z-100, Wilson opened at Radio City Music Hall for two weeks of sold out performances for world-famous entertainers Siegfried and Roy.

While in New York, Brian made numerous guest TV appearances on major network programs, including Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, ABC World News Tonight, as well as starring in the premiere episode of ABC's sitcom Anything for a Laugh. He continues his TV appearances as a guest on numerous talk and political programs.

Wilson also played a role in the start-up of CNN, hosting the entertainment segment "Music Notes". In a return to Atlanta in the 90s, Brian not only hosted PM Drive on WGST, he also starred on Talk at Night, a week-night television talk and entertainment program.

Wilson is the author of four books - A Media Guide for Market-Liberal Organizations, The Little Black Book on Whitewater, Watercolor Memories and 50 Stories - 50 Years in Radio. The Whitewater book created a stir in talk radio, landing Brian appearances as a guest on many of America's great talk radio stations and opening the door to his ground-breaking Vacation Relief business.

As the founder of Vacation Relief, Inc. (VRINK), Brian was the first major-market talk radio host to fill-in for hosts around the country without leaving his home studio. Wilson hosted radio programs in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Kansas City, Dallas-Fort Worth, Charlotte, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco and New York, to name just a few. His knowledge and charm allow callers to have an easy rapport with Brian, discussing topics ranging from politics to cars, education to taxes, children to Chili recipes - all without Wilson even setting foot in the city in which he's broadcasting!

The Washington Post's Marc Fisher wrote, "He's so good that his listeners could be forgiven for thinking that he's in the 'City by the Bay' rather than in a converted bedroom in Maryland." Brian McTavish at The Kansas City Star noted, "He was only supposed to be a fill-in (and wasn't even in town). But Brian Wilson – not the fabled Beach Boy, but the freelance radio personality – gave off enough good vibrations as a temporary morning host to be offered a full-time job." Wilson's ease on the air and in-depth knowledge attract the attention of many nationally-known political favorites as guests, including Dr. Walter E. Williams, James Bovard, Ann Coulter, Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Coulter unabashedly calls Brian, "her favorite talk show host." Williams notes he enjoys speaking with Brian, "almost as much as subbing for Rush Limbaugh." And radio host Glenn Beck calls Brian one of the "most talented" hosts on the air today. A "small-L" libertarian, Brian's belief in personal responsibility and self-ownership transcend the often misinterpreted belief that libertarians are little more than supporters of the Second Amendment, legalized drugs and prostitution. Wilson's Objectivist viewpoint no doubt is reinforced with his "once a decade" re-reading of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". And his interest in people – why and how they do what they do -- transcends his radio show. Brian is as straight-forward and open in person as he is in front of a microphone.

Wilson was born in New Jersey and attended several schools on the East Coast. He spent his college years at Fairleigh-Dickenson University and Louisiana State University. What was intended to be a short hunting trip to Baton Rouge became more than a decade spent in the Bayou State and led not only to the birth his four children, but also to the birth of his career in radio. He lives at an unlisted address with his wife, journalist Cassie Wilson, and their golden retriever, Nellie.