Monday, October 16

Is There a Merit Badge for Gender Denial?

In case you missed the recent quiver in The Force, the venerable Boy Scouts of America announced starting 2018, they will begin accepting girls. No, that is not a typo. At least then, it might make some sense.

One of the premier organizations addressing women's issues for decades is the Independent Women's Forum in Washington, DC. Senior Fellow and Director of Culture of Alarmism Project, Jullie Gunlock, is one of their stellar writers and multi-media presence. She's also a friend of many years, someone whom I can count on for clear insight and straight talk. Which is why she's here to discuss the important consequences of this questionable decision by the BSA. 
Here are Julie's two articles we discussed in this special episode of Judging Freedom

Is There a Merit Badge for Gender Denial?
The Girl Scouts Go on Defense

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