Friday, September 1

Judging Freedom Special

If you went to public school…think Lincoln freed the slaves…or saved the Union…or think the Civil War was all about slavery... If you’ve heard that Antifa is just a bunch of Boy Scouts doing good deeds tearing down Confederate statues...spend a few minutes with Loyola University Professor of Economics, Tom DiLorenzo, author of "The Real Lincoln" and his latest "Lincoln Unmasked". And read his Open Letter to the Class of 2021.

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  1. Brian, best interview yet! I have long been a fan of exposing Abe Lincoln for the tyrant he was and Tom DiLorenzo does an excellent job of doing just that in "The Real Lincoln". I just ordered "Lincoln Unmasked" and am looking forward to furthering my education about this man who abused so many and freed no one, not one single slave. Thanks for a great interview and please keep them going!