Wednesday, September 13

Judging Freedom - Mutually Assured Blackmail

In the latest "Swamp News": The Trump DOJ will NOT be prosecuting famed IRS employee (retired), Lois Lerner. This comes despite FOX News Senior Judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano's public pronouncements there is more than enough in the public domain to indict and convict her. But NO! AG Sessions & Co. announced their "Hands Off" decision.

Why? MAB

AG Sessions also announced his fondness for Mandatory Sentencing, the Drug War, Asset Forfeiture and, remarkably, the idea of subjecting every individual with the National Security Council to a lie detector test, hopefully to find The Leakers. 

What does this say about our vaunted Rule of Law, Cornerstone of our Democracy? (I know; we're a Republic. Or supposed to be.) Click below to hear the Discouraging Word: MAB.


  1. Do WHAT??? Best check Sessions off shore accounts for any recent deposits from a certain "foundation".

  2. Great interview Brian. It's very informative and what I like is you have the time for a relaxed conversation instead of just hitting the bullet points.