Wednesday, August 30

Coming Up!

As previewed last week, I'm happy to report some old friends will be stopping in for a chat:

Tom DiLorenzo - Loyola Economics Professor and best-selling author of the seminal work on our 16th Tyrant  President: "The Real Lincoln". In these days of statue toppling and Big Lies Matter, there's no one better to pull back the curtain on the Institutional Lie(s) that we've been brainwashed into believing about Ole Abe. Prepare to have your Cognitive Dissonance aroused for what is always a lively yap fest with Prof. Tom

Richard Arrowood - Award-winning Sonoma County, CA wine maker at Amapola Creek Winery
takes a break from the grape harvest now in progress to chat about wines in general and Amapola Creek wines in particular. Richard and I first hooked up during my years on KSFO/San Francisco after a show at the Sonoma Valley Family Wine Festival back in 2......something when he was winning hearts, minds, taste buds and Gold Medals with his Arrowood Wines. Even if Boones Farm is your only wine experience, a few minute with Richard Arrowood will be time well spent.

Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst, friend and colleague, Judge Andrew Napolitano will return from his timely vacation on Wed.

Call your neighbors! Tell your friends to join us for Judging Freedom over most of these same stations....!

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