Wednesday, July 26

Judging Freedom - Now For Something Really DIfferent!

For 8 years, most every week, FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano and I have gotten together to chat about current events, how they affectioning our Freedom, what we can expect and what can we do about it....if anything.

This week, the Judge is at the Mises Institute for his annual classroom lecture series. If you're not familiar with the Mises Institute, you are missing out on a magnificent resource for some of the greatest information on Freedom, Liberty, Economics from some of the greatest minds that ever focused on those things that make us and keep us free: Murray Rothbard,  Ludwig von Mises, Lew Rockwell, Henry Hazlitt, Tom Di Lorenzo, Tom Woods, Ron Paul and other significant writers, thinker, economists, historians and philosophers. I am happy to personally know and work with many of these great people.

Here is the audio from Judge Napolitano's introductory lecture and the Q&A period that followed, recorded on the campus of Auburn University 24 July 2017.  

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