Wednesday, May 24

Judging Freedom - 51/2 Q&A with Judge Napolitano

Five Questions That Start A Fight. Or End One.

Has the MSM opened Pandora's Box, nullifying any future credibility?

Have politicians and pundits politicized the Judiciary beyond the point of Justice ever being exercised properly again?
Will even SCOTUS decisions be forever predictable based on the political stripe of the majority of Justices?
At what point of circumstance will a sufficient number of citizens become the "irate tireless minority" Sam Adams referenced?
What is the best term to describe when "Intelligence" agencies tell us they need to vacuum up everything on everyone "to keep us safe" and "Enforcement" agencies tell us they need advanced surveillance technology and war-grade weaponry to "keep us safe" yet despite having terrorists "on their radar", they don't "keep us safe" and only arrive to clean up the carnage and tell us everything about it - except why they didn't "keep us safe"?

FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano answers them.                                        

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