Wednesday, March 8

Sins of Omission

Fake News stories intentionally include fictitious elements to mislead the news consumer. Conversely, Fake News omits salient facts that would otherwise be vital to factual, accurate reporting. Established media coverage regarding President Trump’s charge ex-president Obama tapped his Trump Tower office phones has included examples of the latter.

As part of liberals compulsory firestorm reaction, Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis, and former DNI James Klapper were among Obama administration officials emphatically stating Trump’s charges were false; a paper trail and multiple people would have to have been involved. Democrats and various media pundits piled on.

However, FOX News senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, recently revealed significant facts previously omitted from established media coverage in contradiction of politicians’ emphatic denials.

Napolitano stated the same statute that established the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Court authorizes the president to order the surveillance of any person in the USA without a warrant. The reported notion the FBI would have been required to obtain a search warrant is false; the FBI only involves itself in law enforcement matters. Also, reporting then-President Obama would have had to have gone to the FISA Court is also fake inasmuch as the statute already authorized the president to act without a court warrant.

Why hasn’t this statutory fact been an integral part of the avalanche of coverage from the established media?

The Judge also pointed out that “every phone call and every mobile device and landline, every keypad touch on every mobile device and desktop, every piece of digital information that flows into, out of or through the United States on fiber optics, is captured in real time digitally by the NSA.”

Napolitano went on to point out “The NSA is in the Pentagon. It works for the president. It is a military entity. [The president] says he wants a transcript of [a phone call between parties]…the transcript shows up on his desk...[I]n the way the intelligence community has been selectively concealing and revealing [ information] in a way to manipulate Donald Trump…[it is possible ] it might do the same to the former president if he throws them under the bus”.

The judge went on to discuss further implications resulting from actions by the Deep State and the president’s call to Congress to investigate his charges. Napolitano stated President Trump is aware of these efforts and is committed to stopping them with public exposure resulting from Congressional investigations.

The media’s sins of omission and commission have left a stain on Journalism as well as Government. Justice Louis Brandeis famously said, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” It is possible the “sunshine” of investigative revelations could help “disinfect” the Deep State, remove the stain and assist in Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp”.

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