Monday, March 13

Judging Freedom - Dr. Walter E. Williams

Judging Freedom features “America’s Economist”, Dr. Walter E. Williams, the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University. As an introduction, here is an excerpt from the university’s recent announcement honoring Dr. Williams,
a 2017 winner of the distinguished Bradley Prize:

“Walter Williams is uniquely inspiring in the way he communicates economics,” said Dan Houser, chair of the Department of Economics. “Indeed, generations of faculty, staff, and students at Mason have benefited from his wisdom, warmth, and generosity. We are thrilled that he has received this well-deserved recognition of his extraordinary talent and dedication.”

A long-time faculty member, Williams is a prolific scholar; he has written 10 books and has contributed to more than 150 academic journals. He is also known for his syndicated weekly columns and is a frequent contributor to national news and radio programs as a recognized expert in labor economics and the economics of discrimination.

“Walter E. Williams, a tireless defender of personal liberty, economic freedom and limited government, speaks the truth even at personal cost,” said Richard Graber, the president and CEO of the Bradley Foundation. “Williams is a formidable advocate for economic liberty and individual rights.”

Kristen Leonato

From a critical look at the new Trump Administration, tariffs, trade issues and minimum wage to snowflakes on campus, it is always a lively and compelling Judging Freedom with Dr. Walter E. Williams. There’s even a free gift from Dr. Williams included!

Judging Freedom is a weekly conversation hosted by Liberty Nation’s Brian Wilson, featuring FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst, former New Jersey Superior Court Justice, NY Times Best-Selling author, syndicated columnist and law professor Judge Andrew P. Napolitano. In addition, we are often visited by other conservative and libertarian stalwarts such as Ann Coulter, Walter Williams, Stephen Moore, James Bovard and others.

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