Friday, February 10

DeVos in the Rearview Mirror

Never before has a cabinet confirmation come down to a tie-breaker. The only reason this one did is because Betsy DeVos is a threat to the Democrats' stranglehold on the continued shaping of the worldview of the next generation of Americans.

Not only was the vote historic, but the role Mrs. DeVos will play in America's future may well be, too. She stands ready to upend the Democrats' government school status quo; especially their urban poverty plantation schools. The situation is so crucial that republic policy protagonist Thomas Sowell temporarily came out of retirement to lobby on her behalf. He warned, "American education is at a crossroads. If the teachers' unions and their allies can defeat the nomination of Mrs. DeVos, and the Republicans substitute someone else more acceptable to the education establishment, a historic opportunity will be lost, and may never come again in this generation."

Today, public schools have become indoctrination centers for social justice issues, race matters, political correctness, parental authority, and anything else on the liberal education agenda. They are very, very good at this as we can plainly see from college-aged young adults. Their academic interests such as protests, beatdowns, destruction, obstructionism, trespassing, and assault make up the curriculum of left-wingnut lunacy. Tragically, their academic failures are in English, math, science, critical thinking, logical analysis, self-discipline and respect for a learning environment. While our kids get socially-engineered rather than soundly educated, students our kids are competing against from foreign nations and in the global marketplace are literally handing our asses to us in every one of the subjects that matter.

Those who live in poverty-stricken white or black school districts are so far behind the curve to begin with, the majority will likely remain shackled to their limited future for the rest of their life.

Now-Secretary DeVos has the authority and opportunity to substantially change these negatives to positives, despite the wailing and gnashing or cupids on the dark side of the aisle. There are reports the changes are already happening!

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