Saturday, February 18

A Ruse By Any Other Name

One would have to be suffering advanced symptoms of terminal naivete to pass through any news cycle since Election Day and not witness the established bias of the media. That malignancy is so metastasized throughout the news business, statements like “liberal media” and “biased reporting” hardly spark the usually predictable debate.

What’s new to American awareness is the more recent outing of the Deep State, the permanent bureaucracy of government. Even while making bold headlines with the Michael Flynn affair, the fog of ignorance still prevents most of our fellow citizens from clearly seeing there are other bad hombres on the loose, running rampant through the offices of the CIA, NSA, FBI, IRS, and entire floors of the State and Justice Departments. 

No red, white and blue-blooded American wants to hear, much less believe, anti-American termites have infested the pillars of our Republic. Cognizant dissonance may soon achieve epidemic proportions.

Put bluntly: Gaslighting the American public has risen to an art form. (Gaslighting — a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity.)

Responding to a question during his recent press- conference-on-steroids, President Trump stated emphatically Russia is a ruse. I have nothing to do with Russia.
In the context of the question from a hyperventilating Washington Press corp concerning Michael Flynn’s phone call with the Russian ambassador, Trump was spot-on. However, there remains a serious side to the issue as Howard Kunstler mentions:

The Russia paranoia frenzy is serious business because it indicates that a state-of-war exists between the permanent bureaucracy of government (a.k.a. the Deep State) and the new Trump administration. There are features of the struggle that ought to be much more disturbing than the dubious alleged monkey business about Russia hacking the election and the hoo-hah around a single intercepted phone call between Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador, made to open a line-of-communication between high-ranking officials, strictly routine business in any other administration.
Most disturbing are signs that the so-called intelligence community (IC) has gone rogue in collusion with forces aligned around Democratic Party functionaries up to and including former president Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with CNN, The Times, The Wash-Po, NBC News and a few other mouthpieces of the defeated establishment. Obama and Hillary remain conspicuously sequestered from this maelstrom, but they must be working their phones like nobody’s business. That War You Ordered

Some who were paying attention were wondering why then-president Obama was so intent on aggravating the Russian bear with just weeks left on his term. Sadly, none of the vaunted media stopped to ask as Mr. Kunstler:

These stories about Russia’s intentions seem insane on their face.

What about the quality of intelligence radiating dimly from inside the Washington beltway:

what would war with Russia look like if the wishes of ninnies like Senator McCain and Lindsey Graham come true? Where’s the battlefield? Do we dispatch a few divisions over to invade Russia proper? Napoleon and Hitler already tried that… didn’t work out so well. And what’s the strategic objective? To occupy Russia and school them in a democracy? That’s rich. Or do we go back to fighting proxy wars with Russia in various Third World backwaters as we did so earnestly in the 1960s? Another Vietnam would be grand, right? Just what we need. Or maybe a fifty-year-war like the one in the Congo. Or should we put aside all that penny-ante nonsense and just Drop the Big One, no a thousand Big Ones! Oh, wait a minute… they’ve got plenty of their own Big Ones.

If the Deep State permanently employed bureaucrats and neocons are determined to attempt a White House coup d’etat, one wonders if we aren’t better off with the duly elected President, no matter how Mad Hatter he may be. As Kunstler asks:

..what’s so great about a Deep State security matrix that refuses to be subordinate to anybody, that can do whatever it wants to whomever it wants?
There is that.

The incompetence and transparent buffoonery of this political theater could be knee-slapping funny if the consequences weren’t so damn serious.

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  1. Great article. There is some devious stuff going on with the IC that needs to be rooted out. Hope they get this under control before there is much damage. Shows what the dems have been up to the previous 8 years. Good thing Hillary lost or they could be even more entrenched.