Saturday, January 28


TW3 - A salute to one of the first – if not the first – political satire TV shows on TV “That Was The Week That Was”. Born on the BBC circa 1962, it came to America and NBC in 1964 in the custody of David Frost, one of its British parents. It has a short-lived but rich history featuring legendary writers/performers John Cleese, Nichols and May, Buck Henry,
Alan Alda Tom Lehrer, Calvin Trillin, Woody Allen, Steve Allen and Jack Parr.

Here is a cornucopia of news that didn’t make enough of news – but should have!

· Bury the Poll! Bury the Poll! Despite our collective fixation on polls, polling, pollsters, and pundits…Here's One Poll The Press Doesn't Want You To See

· And the bleat goes on: Cracker Barrel is racist! UH-WAAA! say the Liberals! Obviously, they weren’t around for the great Sambo Restaurant Wars (1980)

· Repeal Obamacare!?!?! Is there a Doctor in the house?Maybe we should listen to the Doctor….or        listen To THIS Doctor!

· Boom Boom Bannan!

While implying Steve Bannon is responsible for everything from Original Sin to Everything Bad About Trump, the NYT’s Michael Grynbaum sees no truth in the MSM’s stunning prejudice and bias, getting in 2 shots at “lies” about “vote fraud”.

· Note to NYT’s Michael Grynbaum: (ahem) About that “Voter Fraud” thingy: 800,000 and counting…!

· What Did You Do At The March, Grandma? On a serious note…The entire English language, aided by Roget’s Thesaurus, failed to provide sufficient nouns, adjectives, synonyms, similes, or metaphors to discuss this piece even among adults aware of the unspeakable horrors and incomprehensible hypocrisies that cavort happily with Progressives, Liberals, and Democrats on the psychopathic playground of their Agenda.

· Excessive force, improper police procedures led to LaVoy Finicum's death, lawsuit will claim Anyone care to guess the ending?

· Hey, kids! What time is it….? A Big UH-OH!

· Thought for the WeeK: "Voter Fraud"

Democrats are enraged because they know it's true. Republicans are embarrassed because they know it's true and didn't have the guts to expose it. The MSM is apoplectic because they know it's true and can now be exposed for not reporting the massive scandal it is and has been.
- A. Nonny Moose

· Finally…Make Us #2! A satirical little toe-tapper from the land of Hans Brinker, wooden shoes, windmills and tulips that may actually make you smile - waaaay beyond the “talent” at SNL.

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