Sunday, August 28

(Not Another) Another Pop Quiz

Just where does the moral authority of "government" come from? 
"Consent of the governed"? 
If there is consent, what need is there for "Government"? 

How does any entity's "authority" become a command I am forced to obey without my consent and ultimately jail (capital offenses excepted)? 

If "Government is Force" (G.Washington), how does Force become moral when administered by Government? 

Was there ever a Government that was not imposed on the citizens without force? 

If "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (Lord Acton), how can "limited government" mean anything other than "limited but eventual tyranny"? 

How is the Libertarian belief in the forecast success of "Limited Government" not analogous to Limited Pregnancy? 

What Government of any political persuasion has permanently, successfully preserved the natural rights of all its citizens? 

Isn't self-governance the ultimate "limited" and moral government? 
If not, why not? 
If so, what need is there for "Government"? 

How have Government anywhere in the world in your lifetime, been doing with that "Freedom and Justice for all" thing? Preserved and upheld them? Or eroded and debased them slowly, gradually, inexorably? 

This is a Timed Test - and you don't have much left.

Extra Credit Question: When making dogmatic statements about the "purpose of government" and "authority", who empowers you to use "we" and "us" and "society"? Without the agreement of the Individual, aren't those Statist/Collectivist terms?

Moderator's Comment:
Call it whatever you wish. As long as the "Majority", by whatever means, can superimpose its will on the Minority with the force of law, some spawn of Tyranny can be the only result.

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  1. I'm not sure if I passed or failed, but I knew the answers. And I'm pretty sure that time ran out, though it's impossible for me to be sure. Excellent quiz!