Sunday, August 21

Another Recent FB exchange....

Someone posted the coming appearance of LP candidates Johnson/Weld on some show with noted FOX lonely Libertarian, John Stossel, and asked if everyone reading would tune in. I posted "Not I because neither Johnson or Weld were Libertarians and many of their stated positions were contrary to Libertarian philosophy." The following exchange then took place:

Jacqueline Passey Mason Brian Wilson Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Would you rather vote for Trump or Clinton?
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Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson If you believe - as Libertarians claim - in Self-Governance, why do you need to elect a "leader" at all? If you believe - as Libertarian claim - in the Free Market, how can you support the immoral monopoly of Force via Government, regardless of who is in the WH? Considering the total corruption of "the system" and the predictably flaccid financial "support" from rank & file Libertarians, do you believe Johnson-Weld have a snowball's chance of actually winning? And even if they did, do you really believe the R & D Congress would support ANY dismantling of "The System" they have constructed and support? Posing the Trump/Clinton "choice" ignores the only intelligent alternative: Yourself.

* Note: Ms. Mason did not respond - nor did any other stalwart Libertarian - because they can't without betraying the hypocrisy - or, at least, irreconcilable inconsistencies in their positions. They ignore the plain spoken observation of Washington: "Government is Force" and the pure truth of Lord Action: "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely." What more needs to be said? Is there any wrinkle in time in the history of the mankind that Government has a sustained record orfpeace, prosperity and advancing Liberty? (Spoiler alert: No) Quite the contrary. Government holds the record for people murdered, property stolen or destroyed, rights trampled, Freedom suppressed.

The belief that electing the "least of 4 evils" will somehow result in Peace breaking out is ludicrous - just as "small government" only translates as "little bit pregnant",

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