Thursday, July 21

Hate the Rich?

"If you're stupid enough to hate "the rich" just for being rich, I have to wonder, do you also hate "the healthy" for being more healthy than you? Do you hate "the creative" for being more creative than you? Do you hate "the good looking," for being better looking than you? Do you hate "the smart" for being smarter than you? In what other ways is covetous resentment and bitterness a virtue? Or do you reserve that for "the rich" because the media and the ruling class say that that kind of envy is okay, even noble?

If someone got rich by way of force or fraud, there is reason to condemn and dislike them. But that's about judging people for being thugs and thieves, not about condemning people just for being financially successful. The ultimate irony is that the people who clamor most about "wealth inequality," and who get poor duped people to jump on that bandwagon, are the richest people in the world, and are forever trying to rob EVERYONE ELSE via "taxation." The fact that political leftists STILL fall for the envy routine, even after their own party (and the Republicans too) robbed all of them to give "bailouts" to the richest banks, corporations and individuals, shows just how gullible people can be."

- Larken Rose

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