Thursday, May 5

Pop Quiz: Election ‘16

Anti-Trumpians say “We can survive 4 years of Hillary”

How exactly?

Questions: (You must answer 20 out of 16)

After 4 years (assuming it is only 4 years), there will have been 1-3 SCOTUS replacements. How many will respect the Constitution/Separation of Powers/Rule of Law?

After 4 years, describe what’s left of the 2nd Amendment.

What will be the demographic reality of massive, non-vetted immigration from Syria and other ME and CA countries with their “agendas”, “culture”, politics, law and morality?

                 How will this impact the American health care system?

Will the Income Tax and/or IRS will be “reformed”? Why not?

Imagine your 2020 tax bill. Describe.

Do you prefer a “Cabinet” populated according to skill and experience or race and gender identification?

Under Clinton, will Benghazi ever be honestly and thoroughly investigated? If yes, explain how.

How will the Rule of Law co-exist with a Clinton Attorney General and “Justice” Dept?

Exactly how will we “survive” 4 years of a Clinton Administration “economy”? (Include statistics from the last 8 years; Obama Administration Economy; Obama-care. Use actual unemployment numbers)

Are you OK with taxpayers paying for a stranger or illegal alien to go to college? 

                If Yes, are you a US citizen? (Si, jah, oui, da, ee, ne, you betcha)

Do you think raising the “minimum wage” is good economics?

                If Yes, explain your answer in 50 words or less to Lew Rockwell or Walter Williams  

Other than SEIU, do you belong to a Union? (Yes/ No. If unknown, ask your shop steward)

If Yes, have you checked the status of your Pension Fund recently?

Considering Ms. Clinton’s penchant for International Intervention and Endless Wars, how will we “survive” 4 more years draining American blood and treasure, mixed liberally with the “collateral damage” (see: death of innocents) in other countries?

Extra Credit: Number of weeks/months/years before those survivors exact revenge here for America’s droning of their loved ones there?

Extra Extra Credit: How long would you wait if another country arbitrarily killed your family here?

Bonus: Define "Neocon"

Scoring: One million Points of Light for each correct answer.


Indeed, we may “survive 4 years of Hillary”. However, paraphrasing one of her husband’s famous lines: It all depends on what your definition of “survive” is.

My grandparents and parents “survived” the so-called Great Depression. Not many would even attempt to argue the rank and file of their generation was a helluvalot more independent, capable, moral and principled than the latest pile of snowflakes currently melting under the duress of “words written in chalk on sidewalks”. The coming financial, economic and social tsunami is accurately forecast to be simply AWESOME! - but not in a good way. What then - “Safe Spaces”? Mom’s basement? More selfies?

True, the unknowns of The Donald could make him as bad but likely not worse than the Entitled Vagina. As a businessman – even a flawed one – his nature is to make deals with benefits, not Mutually Assured Destruction. He is a business man, a vainglorious one to be sure, but if we can “survive 4 years of Hillary” knowing the execrable reality she portends, why would we not “survive” - and with better odds - with Trump?

Government’s absolutely immoral worthlessness and waste aside, for the enjoyment of critiquing the “Presidential Election” soap opera, Businessman/Outsider/Idiosyncratic Egotist Trump trumps Pathological Liar/Alinsky Ideologue/Whitewater/Lewinski/Libya/Benghazi Clinton.

On a personal note, thanks to Donald Trump and his “campaign” for ripping the mask off “government”, “politics”, “politicians” and the “media” giving all but the Aggressively Ignorant and Terminally Apathetic the opportunity to see in prime time the ugly reality we call “governance”. Hopefully, a preponderance of them will now enthusiastically grasp the beauty and wisdom in the liberating aphorism: “There is no government like no government. No government; know peace.”

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